"Fly" the Coop

I have finally come up with a name for my new Mini Cooper. Her name is Fly (can be spelled in a more "hip hop" manner if personal preference dictates, but I stick to proper grammar; ask your girl's favorite rapper). So in tribute to my baby "Fly" the Coop I present some killer wingsuit videos.

The doozey on Biertijd.com is the best I've seen, but I can't find a way to embed that bad boy so your fingers will have to do the walking.

A YouTube search yields some more blog friendly results:


Drunk History

Witness history as it's never been told befor; Drunk.

On August 6th 2007, Mark Gagliardi drank a bottle of Scotch...
and then discussed a famous historical event.

That night history was made... Drunk History

Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History vol. 1
Directed by: Jeremy Konner
Starring: Michael Cera, Jake Johnson, Derek Waters, Ashley Johnson
Created by: Derek Waters

*personal note*

I've had a soft spot for Michael Cera since "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." His star is going to be fun to watch; I'm thinking possible futre Ferrell status with this one.

For more Cera charm view Impossible is the Opposite of Possible, a parody of Impossible is Nothing (by the now internets famous Aleksey Vayner).



I stumbled upon this at passiveaggressivenotes.com and had to share it. The commentary that follows reminds me of the same conversation I have with some d. rocket on a seemingly daily basis.