Relegate me to the geek table in the internet lunchroom if you'd like, but I've been playing chess online like it's my job. In fact, I wish that it was my job.

I know that there are those of you that play against your computer from time to time (thanks for the hints and undo options Mac!), but playing against other people is always more fun and generally includes a gang of trash talk.

Bring it to the TrailerParkNinja at gameknot for a correspondence based smack down...
I just signed up today; you should chess it too.

Internet Chess Club | Free Internet Chess Server

Come get some.



Track Listing

01 . The La's - There She Goes
02 . Belle & Sebastian - Get me Away From Here, I'm Dying
03 . Pinback - Penelope
04 . Minus the Bear - Pachuca Sunrise
05 . Band of Horses - Our Swords
06 . Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
07 . Colin Hay - Overkill
08 . Ben Gibbard - They Don't Know
09 . The Diskettes - 1 2 3 4 5
10 . Half-handed Cloud - You've Been Faithfull
11 . The ELected - a Time for Emily
12 . Park - Conversations With Emily
13 . Say Anything - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
14 . Metric - Combat Baby
15 . Vox Vermillion - Controller
16 . Tegan & Sara - Back in Your Head
17 . Askeleton - Cities, Not the People who Live in Them
18 . The Brunettes - Cotton Candy
19 . Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss
20 . Kings of Leon - Cha rmer
21 . Boxer - Mistaken for Strangers
22 . A Place to Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You
23 . The Thermals - How We Know
24 . The Subways - Take me Away
25 . Ela - Professional Love
26 . The Format - Tie the Rope
27 . Spoon - Everything Hits at Once
28 . Britt Daniel & Conor Oberst - Let the Distance Keep us Together
29 . Get Set Go - Wait
30 . Olympic Hopefulls - Drain the Sea
31 . Nightmare of You - Ode to Serotonin
32 . Tilly & the Wall - You and I Misbehaving
33 . Woods - Skin and Bones
34 . Roma di Luna - The Face of my Friends
35 . Inara George - Fools in Love

Spring Fever



Some of you may remember Sifl & Olly, a short run MTV experiment that ranks as my favorite shows of all time. Mostly, the relationship between originators Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco reminds me of one I've share with the home slice T.Bag for the past twentysome years. They live together with young, clueless Chester. Their landlord wants the rent money, he wants them to get rid of the monkeys, and they put on a show every night.

"Sifl was the calmer leader of the show while Olly was more excitable and often broke into crazed furies. Their assistant, Chester (made out of an inverted mold for a Buddha statue combined with a sleeve), was a mumbling, often nonsensical character who still claimed to be great at everything. No real living people or animals ever appeared on the show (except the hamster during Precious Roy's foot long hamster sale), only puppets" (wikipedia).

As the show has been canceled for nearly a decade, one of the few sockhead bastions to survive the blast is YouTube.

Includes ninja exam, letters to Chester and the song Ninja of the Night.
...you are weak like the salted slug and your mind is slow like the sloth on sake...

How Sifl & Olly came into existence.
The Making Of | a glimpse behind the scenes

Sifl & Olly Season 1 Episode 10: (part 1) (part 2)
Blacklisted Nursery Rhymes / Calls: Problem in the Bathroom, Cheater, Landlord (Waterslide) / Rock Fact: What Human Oddity Will Forever Link Bjork & Will Smith? / Song: "Country Boy Song" / Precious Roy's Night Vision Goggles / News: Olly Won't Do The News / Calls: D&D Wizard Has Herpes, Wart Gems, Take Me Back To Mary's House / Chester: Pet Peeve / Rock Fact: What Is Queen Latifa's Real name? / Interview: Giganticus the Elephant / Song: "Lullaby Song"

Sifl & Olly Season 2 Episode 1: (part 1) (part 2)
Calls from the Public: Pennywhistle Swallower, Gremlin Exterminator, Zafo, Alien / Snailsuit Chester / Olly Moondust sings: "Star Lover" / Precious Roy's Elf Hotel / Interview: President of Shadows Inc. / Kickin' It Old School: "Fake Blood" / Interview: Brett the Gremlin / Chester: Getting Into TV / Craig Allen sings: "The Elf Song"

Sifl & Olly Season 2 Episode 2: (part 1) (part 2)
Calls: Olly's Mom (Fafoo's Recital), Madame Dominique / Chester: Naked Girl / Song: "Remember" / Precious Roy's Disaster Suit / Interview: Olly, Sifl & Chester Read Their Diaries / Kickin' It Old School: "Rock and Roll Friends" / Interview: Peto & Flek (Lost Episodes) / Letters to Chester: How To Break In Jeans / Song: "Empty Zippo Blues (Olly's Dylan Song)"

Sifl & Olly Season 2 Episode 3: (part 1) (part 2)
Sex Girl Intro / Calls: Cres Dude (Uncres), Webby Avalton, Mindblow / Chester: Tranquilized / Song: "Hawaiian Rap" / Precious Roy's Hooker Monkeys / Interview: Sex Girl Returns / Kickin' It Old School: "Prostitute Laundry" / Interview: Cooking With Aesop Jones (Waffles) / Letters to Chester: Picture Pose / Song: "Hair Of The Dog (Now You're Messin' With A Son of a Bitch)"

Sifl & Olly Season 2 Episode 4: (part 1) (part 2)
Calls: Worlock Wannabee, Zafo (Mt. Rushmore), Meteor / Letter To Chester: Modern Lover / Song: "65 & Over & Over" / Precious Roy's All Purpose Juicer / Interview: Breakfast Serial 2 / Kickin' It Old School: "Performance Art" / Interview: Hitch-hiker (Hit by the Car) / Chester: Water & Magnet Collector / Song: "Soda Pop (the magnetic car song)"

...skip a few...

Sifl & Olly Season 2 Episode 14: (in one fell swoop)
Calls: Sifl from Jail, Johnny Fucking Appleseed, Sifl Clone, Sports Talk / Chester Takes an IQ Test / Song: "Speed Reading" / Precious Roy's "Dangerous Don't" Dolls (Betty Blade, Elctrocutie Kitty, Pete Heat) / Interview with Sifls and Olly Clones / Kickin' It Old School: "Weird Day" / Interview: Grout's Trivia Trapazoids with Stealth, Precious Roy, Chester & Cres / Letter to Chester from Dewey Kraus in Prison / Song: "I Sure Do Miss The 80's"

United States of Whatever


Remembering Lamont "Big L" Coleman

Big L

Remembering Lamont Coleman
via hiphopdx

Put It On / Producer - Buckwild
MVP / Producer - Lord Finesse
No Endz, No Skinz / Producer - Showbiz
8 Iz Enuff / Featuring - Buddah Bless, Herb McGruff, Killa Cam , Mike Boogie, Terra, Trooper J, Twan / Producer - Buckwild
All Black / Producer - Lord Finesse
Danger Zone / Producer - Buckwild
Street Struck / Producer - Lord Finesse
Da Graveyard / Featuring - Grand Daddy I.U., Jay-Z, Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous / Producer - Lord Finesse
Times Iz Hard / Producer - Buckwild
I Don't Understand It / Producer - Showbiz
Fed Up Wit The Bullshit / Producer - Lord Finesse
Let 'Em Have It "L" / Producer - Craig Boogie

The Big Picture (Intro) Producer - DJ Premier
Size 'Em Up
Deadly Combination / Featuring - 2Pac / Producer - Ron G
'98 Freestyle / Producer - Lord Finesse
Holdin' It Down / Featuring - AG, Miss Jones, Stan Spit / Producer - Pete Rock
The Heist
The Enemy Featuring - Fat Joe / Producer - DJ Premier
Fall Back / Featuring - Kool G Rap / Producer - Shomari
Flamboyant / Producer - Mike Heron
Casualties Of A Dice Game
Platinum Plus / Featuring - Big Daddy Kane / Producer - DJ Premier
Who You Slidin' Wit / Featuring - Stan Spit / Producer - Pete Rock
Games / Featuring - Guru, Sadat X / Producer - Ysae
The Heist Revisited / Producer - Lord Finesse
The Triboro / Featuring - Fat Joe, O.C. , Remy Martin / Producer - Showbiz

Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous (repress)| The Big Picture
(download via Megaupload c/o yours truly)


...helping the homie Jake Money pimp his internet duties as the Rhymesayers nerdsite monkey.

photo credit to Dan Monick

Atmosphere announce North American tour dates; to coincide with the April 22nd drop date for their upcoming release "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold".

When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint The Road Gold.
Get your citrus krylon on, and meet me at Metro!

In the meantime, if you haven't already downloaded Strictly Leakage (complimentary Atmos LP), you've been asleep. A nostalgic nod while I'm lost in my music box awaiting my pre ordered shipment.

The Real Rhymesayers on YouTube

Recently, the masochists at the Onion asked Slug to whip up a Valentine's Day advice column featuring classic Daley wit and smcharm.
Peep game and pick up a few tips from a pro.

Dear Slug | the A.V. Club

can you digg it?


his master's voice

Today is a musical organization and inspiration day. As I continue to edit and organize my iTunes, I find myself obsessing about what I lack. When I need inspiration for my digital dig, I tend towards stream of consciousness list making (via stickies on my mac). As I was compiling, I came to a stark realization.

My parents had profound influence on my musical preferences, and this has become fodder for debate after debate. Most debates begin with my pops putting one artist in another's "box" for clarity. That drives me out of my mind, mostly because I recognize the urge and keep it to myself with said lists.

After watching the Grammy's, I had to find a box for Amy Winehouse that would stifle my dad's attempts to get my goat. I found one, and it's shaped like Dusty Springfield. It's probably been said by a million people before me, but they should stop putting people in boxes too (no bonsai kittens).

Just for good measure, here is today's ten minute music marathon list. For good measure, I've linked some YouTube love to my soundtrack for the day.

the kinks (waterloo sunset)
the chieftains (redemption song)
ray davies (in a moment)s
marianne faithfull (as tears go by)
pj harvey (good fortune)
jeff buckley hallelujah
tim buckley (i'm coming home again)
david bowie (oh your pretty things)
nick cave (red right hand)
tom waits (in the neighborhood)
roger waters (music from the body)
pink floyd (see Emily play)
harry nilsson (everybody's talkin')
jarvis cocker (don't let him waste your time)
pulp (this is hardcore)
the verve (sonnet)
damon albarn (strange news from another star)
blur (coffee & tv)
gorillaz (tomorrow comes today)
the good, the bad and the queen (kingdom of doom)
tv on the radio (staring at the sun)
yeah yeah yeahs (pin)
brian eno (st. elmo's fire)
roxy music (editions of you)
david byrne (glass, concrete & stone)
talking heads (psycho killer)
john cale (thoughtless kind)
the velvet underground (sunday morning)
lou reed (heroine)
nico (frozen warnings)
edith piaf (hymne a l'amour)
my brightest diamond (dragonfly)
the decemberists (here i dreamt i was an architect)
patti smith (because the night)
iggy pop & the stooges (the passenger)
the rolling stones (under my thumb)
the who (baba o'riley)
the pretty things (midnight to six man)
dirty pretty things (bang bang you're dead)
the libertines (up the bracket)
spoon (i turn my camera on)
the troggs (with a girl like you)
the byrds (eight miles high)
bob dylan (it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding))
joan baez (diamonds & rust)
neil young (heart of gold)
johnny cash & joni mitchell (long black veil)
emmylou harris (two more bottles of wine)
dusty springfield (i only want to be with you)
sophie b. hawkins (i want you)
johnette napolitano (suicide note)
vowel movement (dinosaur)
concrete blonde (joey)
blondie (hangin' on the telephone)
siouxsie & the banshees (love in a void)
elvis costello (oliver's army)
the mars volta (televators)
arcade fire (rebellion)
lcd soundsystem (movement)


Switch up in the Game

So I'm messing with another blog template...

I like it a bit better because it doesn't cut the edges off of my videos, but it shrinks my title.
All of my old posts are jumbled around (alignment of videos as pictures mostly) and I don't really feel the need to revisit the past.
Onward. If you find yourself digging, please don't judge the layout and enjoy the contents.

Happy Black History month.


Remembering Roy

Actor Roy Scheider passed away yesterday at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital in Little Rock. Roy was battling multiple myeloma for the past two years. He was 75.

That's some bad hat, Harry.


YZ Myspace
Download Albums via Megaupload c/o TPN

New Buffalo

After watching my favorite Grammy's ever, I was inspired to blog. Not about one of the nominees, but about New Buffalo.

Back in 2005, Sally Seltmann wrote the song '1234' for Canadian singer/songwriter Feist. Feist added a few of her own lyrics and recorded the song, which is now a single from her new album 'The Reminder'. 'The Reminder' debuted on both the U.S. Billboard 200 and the United World charts at number 16.

As a songwriter, Sally's career has taken an upward turn with the success of '1234'. In addition to this, 1234 has secured a slew of award nominations [in both the Grammy's and the Brit Awards] for Feist. The song has also featured in advertising campaigns for the iPod Nano and Ebay Australia.

New Buffalo - Cheer Me Up Thank You

New Buffalo - Recovery

New Buffalo - Stay With Us MP3
New Buffalo - Emotional Champ MP3


Legendary Hip Hop Documentarian Passes

Tony Silver, died surrounded by family at his home in Los Angeles on Friday February 1, 2008. His passing ended a courageous two and half year battle with brain cancer, a disease which he defied longer than anyone thought possible.

Tony Silver's Style Wars is recognized by educators, critics and a worldwide audience as the most important film to capture the original spirit and vitality of graffiti and hip-hop, emerging from New Yorks subways, streets and playgrounds into world consciousness. An urban kaleidoscope of spectacular street art, music and dance, the film is also a multi-perspective view one of the more potent social and artistic controversies of our time. It won the Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival on its original release and was a PBS special. With the 2003 release of its 2-disc DVD, it is more acclaimed than ever. Silver's 2003 companion film Style Wars :ReVisited(34 mins.) updates the lives of 26 of the of the original films participants, together with other legendary figures of the time.


Let's Get Digital (5)

The lovely collaborators at Insound have compiled a mix for us, the interneters. Being a huge fan of other people's playlists, I jumped on the download bandwagon immediately. They had me at Hot Chip, Xiu Xiu, and Panther preview. Notice I didn't say Hüsker Dü? Wait... aw Sugar.

01. Faunts "M4 (Part II)"
from the album M4
Courtesy of Friendly Fire Recordings

02. Rings "Mom Dance"
from the album Black Habit
Courtesy of Paw Tracks

03. Hot Chip "Shake A Fist"
from the album Made In The Dark
Courtesy of Astralwerks/DFA

04. Dub Trio "Bay vs. Leonard"
from the album Another Sound Is Dying
Courtesy of Ipecac Recordings

05. The Big Sleep "Pinkies"
from the album Sleep Forever
Courtesy of Frenchkiss Records

06. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart "A Teenager in Love"
from the album unreleased
Courtesy of Painbow Records

07. British Sea Power "Waving Flags"
from the album “Do You Like Rock Music?”
Courtesy of Rough Trade / Worlds Fair Label Group

08. Mike Ladd "Trouble Shot"
from the album Nostalgialator
Courtesy of Definitive Jux

09. Thao "Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)"
from the album We Brave Bee Stings and All
Courtesy of Kill Rock Stars

10. Hey Willpower "Hundredaire"
from the album PDA
Courtesy of Tomlab

11. Xiu Xiu "I Do What I Want, When I Want"
from the album Women As Lovers
Courtesy of Kill Rock Stars

12. Ida "Lovers Prayers"
from the album Lovers Prayers
Courtesy of Polyvinyl Record Co.

13. China Forbes "Everybody Needs Somebody"
from the album '78
Courtesy of Heinz Records

14. Bob Mould "The Silence Between Us"
from the album District Line
Courtesy of ANTI-

15. Panther "Puerto Rican Jukebox"
from the album 14 Kt. God
Courtesy of Kill Rock Stars

Camp Lo

Coolie High


Black Hollywood Freestyle; NYC 2007


Take a Moment

February 2nd, 2008., Minnesota lost a true O.G. - Big Kong, to a sudden brain aneurysm.

I still remember the first time I met Thomas "Kong" Kelly...

Years ago, Tina, Shahir, Muja, and I were our own little crew. It was a strange foursome, but we were mostly unfuckwithable. We ventured to the Country Bar one sleepy Sunday to find ourself surrounded by the cheapest of drinks and the worst of karaoke. We had considered leaving, if only to get the smell of fried food off of our clothes and the ringing of "Sweet Home Alabama" out of our ears, when Big Kong filled the door frame.

He joined our table, and the two-for-one's flowed like the mighty Mississippi. Since our meeting, he had always greeted me with a smile and a hug. He was a funny, strong, intimidating teddy bear of a man that will be greatly missed by any and all fortunate enough to have crossed his path.

There is a Kong shaped hole in Minnesota.

The funeral services will be held at the following:

High Praise Ministries, the Destiny Center
1200 North 7th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55411

The viewing will be from 10am - 11am, Weds 02/06/2008
The funeral will begin at 11am.

via Saucy Dame Deluxe