Ronald Jenkees

So it's my homie Rossome's birthday tonight, and after work my beau and I are expected to attend his Hall and Oates party. My boyfriend, the gentleman that he is, has selected the Hall portion of this costumed experience. This leaves me with the particularly difficult task of figuring out how I'm going to fake a mustache with only a few hours of prep time.

Like any diligent partygoer, I decided to do my research in the most reputable and reliable of places; namely the internets. During my search, I came across this killer (but not so helpful if you are looking for an Oates style stache) video on YouTube.

Needless to say, I instantly fell in love (sorry J.Abel(s)) and had to do more research into the world and mind of Ronald Jenkees. Turns out this dude shares more than faux staches with the world, on a mostly musical and always saccharine level. I found myself lost in his YouTube Channel for hours. If you need another example of his adorableness, look no further.

Harry Carey and Timbaland had a baby 'yall...
and he'll pop your head off.

...and then it happened...
The Great Ronald Jenkees took his hat off and donned a tux...
...for a webcam interview.

Clever character or superfly nerdsauce? Any way you slice it, Ronald is an interesting and obviously talented musician. If this online persona is in fact a ploy, act, or independent marketing tactic, it is no less genius than the music that he produces on a consistent basis.

Whatever. He's super fun.
Here's his most recent YouTube addition.

Europe - The Final Countdown (Jenkees Style)
Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (The Rocky Song Remixed)
Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) Podcast Intro