Making Amends

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Even better than I had ever imagined!

See HERE and HERE for reference.


Shitty Boyfriend

My boyfriend decided that on my thirtieth birthday, it would be appropriate to go to happy hour with his IT co-workers. Yup, I turn 30 and he’s going to Wild Wings as soon as he gets off of work.

My response? I’m going to attempt to alter google image search in such a way that when someone googles SHITTY BOYFRIEND, his image will show up. Feel free to repost and be sure to mention SHITTY BOYFRIEND as often as possible so that the link sticks.

If you come across this and also have a shitty boyfriend, you are welcome to put them on blast as well. I haven’t been around for thirty years to NOT make a point.

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Mayer Hawthorne

Stones Throw does it again.
Mayer Hawthorne.



Strange Girls

1. Hypothetically
2. Probs
3. Fingers Crossed
4. Why not?
5. Storked


Future Isht

Oh man. I so want this to happen...

Land of Talk

This should help bring you (aka ME) back to reality.
Whooooo. Normalcy here we come!


This has gone too far...

It's like watching Britney Spears dip her children in ranch dressing...



Piano Chat Improv

This guy knows how to handle a thumbs up situation...



I get so mad when I feel like I missed a good video and everyone else knows about it…
I am fairly certain that this is some sort of Russian "Rick Roll" ... and it gets pretty epic at the 1:27 mark...


Hey Buster

Yeah, I'm talking to you Buster Keaton.

Is that a dog in your pants, or...


Watch your ass, John Connor

Now I can go back in time and stop Bob Dylan from burning my keys!


Blame Canada

My favorite part of the 2010 Winter Olympics thus far? Figure Skating concentration (fear) face...

Thanks A LOT inertia!


Thanks, Rolling Stone

I just looked at Weezy F. Baby's right hand, and now he gets to punch me. Awesome. If you looked at it, then he gets to punch you too.
This cover is like that movie the Ring, but obviously more dangerous. I'm about to get punched by a convicted felon.


(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

Hey GaGa!
Debby Harry did that shit first.


Edit: To add insult to injury, here is Badder Romance for your viewing pleasure. Compare it to the Official Version for fits and gigs.


One of those days.

Found this trolling the internets. If anyone happens to know the artist, shoot me a line and I'll give credit where credit is due.


The Plural of Bento is Bento

Anna the Red has been creating and posting items about Character Bento, cooking instruction, the random toy, knit treats, the possible plush and accessible art. Her Japanese lunchboxes are the main purpose of Anna the Red's Bento Factory, and the current object of my internet affection.

Her Flickr Photosets are meticulously detailed and highly appreciated.

Just sayin'