The Birdman

Artist Benjamin Verdonck is currently nesting on the Rotterdam Weena Tower. His week long performance “The Great Swallow” involves a nest, man, and a gaint egg.
*Spoiler alert Rotterdam*

"It's the tragic story of a man who comes, sees and in a final attempt to embrace his audience eventually falls." - via

He came. He saw. He nested. He laid an egg. He then plummeted 500 ft and asked people how they felt about it. They should have asked Knol Tate.

For the Fierce! arts event in Birmingham four or so years ago, a similar cage was affixed to the Rotunda.
Before THAT, the Birdman was hooked on the Anspach in his native Belgium.


Lace Fence

"LACE FENCE is a high-end metal fabric that gives new insights in how we can create unique environments.

The design, quality and density of the patterns are flexible. Meaning that for each application we create according to its function. For example to prevent climbing on, to hide or enhance its surroundings. To deal with harsh weather or to give an unique custom made look."

Seriously, if you can crochet a fence we need to be friends. Stat. I'm having trouble with HATS.